Our Research

We are a research group at the Department of Psychology, HU Berlin. We aim to combine neural and behavioural data with machine learning to best understand the wonder that is human cognition. Recent work focuses on the study of the neural correlates of working memory. We are funded by an Emmy Noether research group grant by the German research foundation (DFG).

Where we and others have found brain signals that resemble working memory storage. From our recent review (Christophel, Klink et al. 2017).

Our work is driven by the hypothesis that short-term information storage is a distributed cortical process. We use neuroimaging methods (predominantly fMRI) and multivariate pattern analysis techniques (‘machine learning‘) to identify brain regions which store contents held in working memory, study the representational architecture of these brain regions, and ask how memory storage is elicited and maintained in these areas. You can find our recent review on ‘The Distributed Nature of Working Memory’ here.

For more insights please have a look at our publications.

Click here for an informal overview talk presented as part of the HU Lecture Series on Cognitive Science 2021 (with suboptimal sound)