Anni Kienke

Anni (she/her) is a B. Sc. student at the FU Berlin. Right now she is primarily interested in gaining experience in conducting research and broadening her general knowledge in psychology. If she isn’t coding at the weekends or trying to understand design choices, you will find her at a cosy café reading a book and watching other people. Although dancing and singing while strolling along the beach always sounds like a good idea.

Tjade Siegel

Tjade (he/him) is an MSc Neuroscience student with a background in IT & Data Science. He brings his previously acquired knowledge in Natural Language Processing to the team, while investigating working memory distractors. When not hacking some code, you can find him reading in his hammock, discussing philosophical issues in shared flat kitchens, or hiking the world whenever there is the possibility.

Issam Tafech

Issam (He/They) is a MSc student at the School of Mind and Brain, Humboldt University Berlin. He has a background in Computer Science and Psychology from the American University of Beirut hopes to combine the two in his quest for understanding and modeling human cognition. Obsessed with the role and influence of attention, he will find a way to sneak it as a topic of investigation in research projects. When not pondering the deeper mysteries of the human mind, you can often find him daydreaming about fictional worlds and poetic modes of self-expression.