Myriam Hamon

Myriam (she/her) is a MSc student in Computational Neuroscience at the BCCN in Berlin. She joined the DisCo Lab to work on sequential working memory representation and recency effects. Previously, she received her BSc degree in Biology and Genetics at the University of Paris. When not studying, you can find her climbing, running or just enjoying a book.

Arina Belova

Arina (she/her) is a Master’s student at BCCN. She joined DisCo lab to expand the tutorials section for CvCrossManova tool applied to the lab’s experimental data and to (try to) understand how analysis on fMRI data makes sense. Before moving to Berlin she completed her BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics in Manchester, the UK. When she’s not in the lab, she likes to meet with friends, learn more about ethics in AI (not in the sci-fi sense) and learn about new cultures by travelling around the world.

Andreea-Maria Gui

Andreea (she/her) is a MSc student in Computational Neuroscience focusing on categorization and distractors in working memory. Previously, she studied Computer Science (Technical University of Cluj-Napoca) that she wants to use as a tool for investigating the brain. She is known for being happily distracted by simple sources of joy, such as dancing, thought-provoking books, and sweet cups of hot coffee.

Anni Kienke

Anni (she/her) is a B. Sc. student at the FU Berlin. Right now she is primarily interested in gaining experience in conducting research and broadening her general knowledge in psychology. If she isn’t coding at the weekends or trying to understand design choices, you will find her at a cosy cafĂ© reading a book and watching other people. Although dancing and singing while strolling along the beach always sounds like a good idea.

Tjade Siegel

Tjade (he/him) is an MSc Neuroscience student with a background in IT & Data Science. He brings his previously acquired knowledge in Natural Language Processing to the team, while investigating working memory distractors. When not hacking some code, you can find him reading in his hammock, discussing philosophical issues in shared flat kitchens, or hiking the world whenever there is the possibility.